You work hard to build your reputation as a legitimate marketer. But how do you know if your subscribers will even see your email? A lot of the things that are out of your control can send that carefully-crafted message straight into the spam folder.

Changes in the laws, ISP protocols and spam filter technology mean that email marketing is constantly evolving. You can stay a step ahead of the competition by knowing the latest best practices.

If you’re a marketer looking to boost click-through rates, consider these 12 killer email marketing strategies before you hit send:

Don’t be annoying. More than 62 billion pieces of junk mail are produced annually. More than 300 billion spam emails are sent annually. Sure, they don’t end up in our landfills, but spam can be even more annoying that unwanted paper mail. “More” is not always the answer. You can send emails several times a day—that sure doesn’t mean that you SHOULD.

Personalized email works. Modern day spammers have eliminated all elements of personalization. Their emails and social media posts don’t seem to know the audience at all, or even really want to. The more personalized your email is, the better it will convert. Segment your list based on user interests or prior behavior. “Dear friend” won’t cut it when you can say “Dear Mr. Henderson” instead. Find ways to make it happen, and you will reap the rewards.Your open rates will improve, and so will brand loyalty.

Incorporate lead intelligence into your process. Using leads in your marketing and sales processes means sending multiple versions of your email with customized offers to users based on their on-site behaviors and purchasing patterns.  Your lists should be based on interests. The old […]