Zaragoza Marketing Engages In Strategic Partnerships To Power Our ‘Printing Press’

You won’t find what we do in any text books…

Whether it is Facebook, Banner or Email campaign management Zaragoza Marketing does it better than anyone else in the direct-response industry. We are basically statistician’s crunching numbers all day. If you know your numbers… it’s easy to make money.

One of everyone’s first questions is “why Zaragoza”

 What’s In The Name? How we got our name….

Two young entrepreneurs were sharing glasses of whiskey and discussing business matters. One of them coming from the high-level corporate mobile application world, and the other straight from the best direct response internet marketers in the country. Suddenly, we had the intense realization that there was absolutely ZERO overlap between the corporate world and techniques internet marketers use to acquire customers.

We immediately smelled the opportunity and agreed to forge ahead with a new business (ad)venture. Not knowing what the hell this cutting edge company would do, we literally searched the entire world over to find our name. With 1 spin of the globe and with closed eyes and a touch of serendipity Julian’s pointed finger landed on Zaragoza Spain.

To the clink of our glasses Zaragoza Marketing was born. With a name as unique as whatever it is we do… we promised ourselves that once we built a company that develops cutting edge direct response marketing techniques and provides huge cash flow for (1) employees (2) partners (3) and owners in that order, that we would venture forth into an epic adventure to the gastronomy capital of the world…. Zaragoza, Spain.