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Performance Marketing Since 2012

Drive maximum online sales with minimal risk with our skilled media buying team

Quality Lead Generation

Only speak to the most qualified individuals. Our lead generation and qualification systems will handle all prospecting for you.

Cold Traffic Optimization

Converting cold traffic to paying customers isn’t easy, but with over a decade of experience our team has discovered a methodology that works.

Expansive Reach

Utilizing the largest paid media distribution channels in the world provides unparalleled reach to new prospects.

Equity Partnerships Available

Qualified companies can compensate us with equity and have their long-term customer acquisition model handled for them in perpetuity

Partners in Traffic

Our partnership model works better than any other structure to scale paid media campaigns. With years of experience trying different economic structure’s, we’ve found one that consistently generates 7X more leads than the traditional client and affiliate model.

Quality Focused

Our goal with each campaign is to continue running it for 4-5 years. This is only possible if the output of the campaign is high quality. Every touch point we have with the prospect is meticulously detailed and tracked so we can provide you with better and better campaigns.

Featured Work

“I still brag about how you brought my business over $40,000 in sales per day”

Brad Howard

“I’ve never seen any company get results like we got with Zaragoza Marketing”

Lea Rosa Garcia

“Such a pleasure to work with your team. Everyone seemed so laid back, but were so incredibly motivated to get results”

Joseph Fisher

Let’s work together on your

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